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Father, we come together in unison and in one accord to make our petition known on behalf of Precious Cornerstone Gospel Church.

We thank you that our church is filled beyond capacity (spiritually and physically) in every service with standing room only. People sense the anointing from the outside of the building and are drawn to your presence in every service we have. The people are in earnest expectation of signs, wonders, and miracles occurring in every service.

Father, we thank you that every need of this ministry is met and an abundance besides. All of our property is paid in full and we owe nothing to any man. We are a 100% tithing church and in covenant with the Almighty God. Every member of this church is healed, healthy, blessed, and prosperous and we are reaching the world with the gospel through our prayers and support.

We thank you Father that this is the year of increase and doors will be opened for us. We shall succeed in everything in Christ. The doors of failure have been closed and we will never know defeat. Father, we are fully persuaded that what you have promised, you can perform in Jesus' name. AMEN.

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